45,27 by 37,40 inch.            symbolic abstract

texture paste is used

painted with acrylic paint on linen

Description of this painting:

How extraordinary man is made.

Man has a mind,

this distinguishes him from animals.

Man can think and chose.

We are made in the image of our Creator.

Everything functions from the brain.

We can study how the human brain works,

but science still cannot tell us

the origin of an idea that enters the brain.

In this painting you see as it were the brain,

where all kinds of things enter and leave.

What influences you?

Around it you see a crown of thorns as a guarding

(The red signifies the blood of Jesus)

We need protection for our realm of thoughts.

Sometimes our thoughts are like a battlefield.

The gold stands for God’s influence on our thoughts;

the inspiration and communication from the inside out

through contact with heaven.