“The Word”

45,27 by 37,40 inch.            symbolic abstract

texture paste and other materials are used

painted with acrylic paint on linen

Description of this painting:

In the very beginning.....                              

the Word was already there.                       (the golden book at the right)

Everything originated through the Word.

In the Word is life!

It stirs up life


life force.

It came in our midst                                     (the opened book)

The Word with us                                        

The Life among us

The presence of                                          (pages are being turned)



creative power

among mankind

The Life is light for mankind

The light shines in the darkness

However, there is a fight going on

between the darkness and the light.

But the light rules over the darkness!

(John 1:1-5)

This painting belongs to the series:

“The light is stronger than the darkness”

(referrng to Isaia 61:3)