“Strong together”


35,43 by 27,55 inch.            symbolic abstract

texture paste is used

painted with acrylic paint on linen

Description of this painting:

A marriage can function like a dance.

You dance together because there is love.

Dancing is delightfully moving together.

It is an expression of joy. It is fusion.

It is a beautiful sight.

In a dance you are well attuned to each other,

that shows one flowing movement.

You function in unity and harmony.

There is consideration and sensitivity for one another.

You have to surrender to each other and trust one another;

to lead and to be led.

Still you see two different personalities.

(notice the difference in colour of the two dancing figures)

There is an enormous release of power,

when a husband and wife function together in unity and harmony.

In the painting you see this power reflected by their hands

that come together in the form of a spear.


You can see the cross in the midst of the dancing figures.

Their lives are entwined with it, in that lies their strength.

They both have their own territory (under their arms)

and meaning in this world.