45,27 by 37,40 inch.            symbolic abstract

texture paste and other materials are used

painted with acrylic paint on linen

“Life instead of death”

This painting belongs to the series:

“The light is stronger than the darkness”

(referring to Isaiah 61:3)

Description of this painting:

The gravestones are placed in the dark.

Death is still a reality in this life.

There is a fight going on,

but when you meet the One who lives,

you are set free.

Life is stronger than death,

because of the victory of the King!

He lives and is the Living One.

He possesses the keys of Hades and of Death! (Revelation 1:18)

He offers you real (and eternal) life.

The bandages of death, the graveclothes,

swirl in the air.

After He rose Lazarus from the death, Jesus said:

“Loose him!”