49,60 by 33,85 inch.            symbolic abstract

plaster is used

painted with oil paint on a panel

“In Motion”

Description of this painting:

Everything is in motion.

Such is life.

Movement means change,

but also growth.

Things have to be moving…

(for example in your company, organisation, church, family, etc.)

Or else there is no life but death!

(see part on the right)

In the midst of all this movement, there also has to be stability.

If everything keeps moving constantly, you burn out.

Your stability is the foundation on which you built

or your life philosophy.

(see the part on the left)

The centre that sets everything in movement is

the resting place

that you need to function from.

My resting place,

the centre of my life…

is God.

(see the white centre in the painting)